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Refined Health & Wellness is looking to welcome a career-driven practitioner to our team of health professionals.  If you are a Registered Massage Therapist who is looking for a platform to develop and support your practice, you have come to the right place!

We take pride in offering a position that will allow you to set the roots of your practice and build an established clientele that will stay with you for the entirety of your career.  Not only will you be able to freely explore your passions in the health and wellness industry, you will be able to do so alongside other like-minded practitioners who love what they do.  Your success at Refined will be the result of your commitment to building your practice through teamwork and collaboration.

At Refined, we work as a cohesive group to manage all operational aspects of the clinic, and because of this, practitioners are able to maintain greater control of their practices and have the opportunity to earn commission rates higher than the informal industry maximum of 70%.

The ideal candidate for this position is a self-driven practitioner who is looking to run their practice through a more progressive model than the standard clinic / spa structure.


The Refined clinic model provides a platform that offers the essence and freedoms of leasing your own space, while still being able to tap into the key supports and amenities often associated with working in a team setting.  You get the best of both worlds!  Our progressive / hybrid clinic model will allow you to take more ownership of your practice, and with our mentorship, guidance, and team-oriented view, all of the guessing will be removed.  We will also take care of the many administrative obstacles and liabilities that make operating independently difficult or less desirable, allowing you to focus on your clients and your practice.

Our clinic model has been designed for practitioners who do not require all of the supports offered in the typical spa / clinic model, but, at the same time, do not feel quite comfortable going out completely on their own.  At Refined, you will be able to operate as if you were renting your own room, but with the confidence that you have a like-minded team supporting you and top-of-the-line amenities that you would be less likely to have if you were working completely independently.

The Refined clinic platform is suitable for all massage practices and at any stage of development.  We welcome both blooming and established practitioners.  Our clinic model is most suited for therapists who approach their practice in the way of a private business and who love the independent nature and freedoms associated with it.  Through our mutual partnership we will assist you in elevating your brand and creating the practice that you have always aspired to achieve.

There is also a financial advantage to operating through Refined.  As you will be contributing to clinical aspects that would normally be associated to the ‘complete practice’ of working independently, you will rightfully take home a larger piece of the pie through higher commission rates and bonus pay.  Therapists often aspire to go out on their own so they can earn a higher percentage of each treatment they provide.  At Refined, the portion of your pay that would normally go to supports like receptionists, or incentives like health benefits, course allowances, etc., will go straight to you instead.

We hope Refined Health & Wellness can be the place where you set the roots of your practice for the entirety of your career!


Refined was established in 2014 as a multidisciplinary clinic, and since then, we have provided services to an ever-growing and diverse client base.  Our clinic is located in central St. Albert, and is easily accessible by clients from all corners of the city.

The clinic was recently expanded and modernized to offer even more opportunities for both clients and practitioners.  This renovation would not have been possible without the ongoing commitment from our practitioner core in continuing to build their practices through our clinic platform and making Refined their own.

The clinic space now boasts 7 large treatment rooms with stunning Sturgeon River views and contains all of the bells and whistles you could want as a wellness practitioner.  New ergonomically designed aspects and amenities, such as hydraulic lift and tilt tables, table heaters, thermophores, Bose speakers, essential oil diffusers, and a commercial laundry system, facilitate a comfortable and efficient workspace and lend to incredible experiences for both clients and practitioners.

The Refined clinic also employs a state-of-the-art online scheduling and management system, which allows us to complete almost all of our processes digitally!  The system offers online intake forms, digital charting, and billing.  It also includes a waiting list feature, where clients can add themselves to your cancellation list through their online booking account, and an incredible family account feature, where your clients can manage all of their family members from one login.  This has added wonderful conveniences for everyone!

The modern and comprehensive design of our clinic space, in addition to our progressive clinic model, offers the best the industry has to offer, especially to those who are looking to take their practice to a new level.


Refined Health & Wellness is co-owned by a local RMT who maintains a full-time massage practice and is completely immersed in the everyday operations at the clinic.  Being able to sympathize with the physical and emotional demands on practitioners allows for constant and immediate improvements to our internal processes and amenities.  The way we operate is not based on theory, but by the first hand experience of someone who is involved in all of the clinic’s daily processes.

In addition, her business partner is highly versed in accounting, marketing, web design, staff management, and general business operations, so you can have the utmost confidence that you will be supported at all times!


The successful applicant must have the following attributes:

  • Is a Registered Massage Therapist with a minimum of 2200-hour certification and must be recognized by all major insurance benefit companies.
  • Is eligible to direct bill to all major insurance benefit companies. (Training will be provided)
  • Is looking to commit to the Refined team and offer a shift schedule where they can successfully build their practice and client base.


Your shift schedule and client availability will be established by taking into consideration the overall growth goals you have for your practice, the needs of your clients, and room availability within the clinic.

Practitioners have the complete freedom to customize their client availability and make adjustments to their shift schedules as needed.  

Clinic administration will work with you to offer a schedule that will facilitate an abundant and effective practice while still maintaining a positive work-life balance.


As Refined practitioners work cohesively to manage the operational aspects of the clinic, we offer superior commission percentages that take into account the responsibilities associated with reception, laundry, and clinic upkeep.  We also provide additional earning opportunities through our ‘Bonus Pay Program’.


  • Refined Practitioners earn a starting commission percentage of 65% or higher.
  • Your starting percentage will be based on your training credentials, your current client base, and experience operating as an independent practitioner.


Our Bonus Pay Program offers additional percentage top-ups to practitioners who offer a full time schedule at Refined, exhibit a comprehensive understanding of our clinic processes and procedures, and who demonstrate a mastery of their craft through excellent customer care, the acquisition of new skills and modalities, and through providing leadership and support to other practitioners.

  • The Bonus Pay Program allows practitioners to earn more than the informal maximum industry commission of 70%.
  • Bonus Pay Earnings are paid out to practitioners directly at each payday, so you have complete freedom as to how you wish to use them.
      • Some practitioners use the funds as an ‘allowance’ to subsidize the costs of taking continued education courses. (ie. Cupping, RAPID, etc.)
      • Others use the funds to invest in group insurance benefits (such as dental & vision) that are offered through your massage association or acupuncture college.
      • Or, if you are not in need of the above items, you can use your bonus pay earnings for anything you wish!


We would like to thank you for taking the time to read through our employment notice.   If the information and criteria presented are of interest to you, we would very much appreciate your consideration for our available RMT position.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please submit your updated resume and cover letter (optional but recommended) to

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