Have questions about your upcoming appointment at Refined?   We have compiled a list of ‘FAQs’ and answers to provide you with the important information required to ensure a safe, effective, and streamlined experience.

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In most cases, the answer is no, however, you may need a doctor’s referral in order for your insurance company to cover some or all of the cost. This is completely based on your insurance plan and provider.  Please speak to your insurance company about any potential doctor’s note requirements prior to coming in for your first appointment.

As each practitioner at Refined manages their own practice, they have full control in determining their own advanced booking schedule availability.  If a practitioner is at the clinic, they will most likely be involved in treatments with clients who have booked in advance, which is why walk-in time slots would simply not be available.   Ultimately, the BEST way to schedule an appointment at the Refined clinic is to do so online and to do so in advance.  Our online scheduling software will nicely display all upcoming appointment times that are available for each practitioner.

We have chosen to operate ‘by appointment only’ to ensure that everyone who would visit us for a treatment would have our complete and undivided attention and would receive the highest quality of experience.  By booking in advance, your practitioner(s) can ensure that they will be fully prepared for when you arrive. As a new client, all intake and consent forms will have already been completed digitally through your appointment confirmation email so you will be able to proceed to your treatment without delay.

As we do not offer the typical ‘walk-in’ appointment where a client can show up impromptu, you can still book an appointment online and attend an available appointment time slot in as little as 2-hours (depending on practitioner availability).  

It is very common for Refined clients to book treatments with their favourite practitioner(s) monthly, bi-weekly, and even weekly.  Most clients will book regularly scheduled appointments months in advance to make sure they get the practitioner, dates, and times that are most convenient for them. 

To ensure that you can secure convenient treatment times, and with your desired practitioner, advanced booking is highly recommended.  Depending on the demand of your practitioner, booking in advance could mean a few days and up to a few months.  If you are unsure, please reach out to us via email at [email protected] and we would be happy go give you proper guidance.


You bet! Our online booking system allows you to add yourself to your chosen practitioner’s waiting list by accessing the waiting list option through your ‘My Account.’

Once you are added, your treatment request will show up in a special section of your practitioner’s schedule. They will be sure to contact you if a spot opens up!


You sure can! Simply sign in to your online booking account and add your family members under the ‘family accounts’ section. You will be able to receive their receipts and notifications, and set specific permissions.

Note:If you add family members who are already in our system, please make sure to give us a call once you have added them so we can complete the final step of connecting their account. We can also merge client accounts in the case that more than one have been created.


Many spas and clinics space their appointments the industry standard of 15 minutes apart, and some even less.  This turnaround is incredibly quick and poses many obvious problems that can greatly effect the experience you have as a client.

At Refined Health & Wellness, we have always maintained 30-minute spacings between client appointments.  This has allowed us to conclude our client experiences without having to rush them out of the clinic because of the next client’s impending arrival.  

As a client, your experience does not end at the completion of the actual massage or acupuncture treatment.  Your practitioner will want to talk with you about the treatment that you just received and how you feel at its conclusion.  Please take this opportunity to inform them if there are any elements you would like them to continue with, or change, for next time.  

Regardless of your injury or condition severity, your practitioner will be able to provide you with advice and recommended exercises to help improve your health condition.  The extra time between treatments allows for this, and also gives your practitioner some leeway to make sure that you receive the full duration of your scheduled treatment.

Refined Practitioners can only work to their fullest potential as long as the system is set up to facilitate them.  At 30 minutes, we can provide every client with our complete attention and offer the most comprehensive and relaxed experience.

Like your doctor, your therapist is here to help you. Without the context of what’s going on in your body before you start, they are unable to target their treatment to your needs.

We absolutely are! There is a wheelchair accessible ramp that runs from the parking lot and up to the main lobby. From there, you can take the building’s elevator to the 2nd floor where we are the first suite to your right.

After a relaxing massage or acupuncture treatment, there is nothing like a hot cup of tea/coffee or a glass of naturally filtered/mineralized alkaline water (Santevia).  We have a wide variety of tea and coffee flavours to choose from and plenty of to-go cups.

If you mention your preferred drink preference to your practitioner, they will surely have it ready for you at checkout.  Otherwise, you are more than welcome to help yourself!

If you require any additional clarity with regards to your upcoming treatment at Refined Health & Wellness, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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