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Massage Therapy treatment with a view at Refined Health & Wellness in St. Albert
Therapeutic Massage
Hot stones and glass myofascial cups
Hot Stone Therapy Treatment at Refined Health & Wellness
Massage Therapy treatment with a view at Refined Health & Wellness in St. Albert


We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of your first massage therapy experience!  As this may be something completely new to you, a little bit of guidance from our side can significantly improve your overall experience!

For your first treatment, we highly recommend booking a 60-Minute Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage OR Relaxation Massage.  This duration will give adequate time for your practitioner to provide a thorough assessment and then offer you a comprehensive treatment.

After your treatment is complete, during your post-treatment consult, your practitioner may recommend additional modalities from our ‘specialized’ catalogue that would assist in achieving your health & wellness goals.

To learn more about the difference between Standard, Specialized, & MVA massage treatments at Refined, please CLICK HERE.

We look forward to seeing you at your first massage experience!


Registered massage treatments can be conveniently scheduled through our easy-to-use online booking website.  Once booked, all applicable intake forms will automatically be sent to you via email.

Your massage treatment will be provided based on the goals established in your customized treatment plan, and will be administered using state-of-the-art amenities such as our heated, hydraulic massage tables.  Your experience will be complimented by the relaxing and modern design of our treatment rooms.

At the conclusion of your treatment experience, you will have ample time to provide feedback to your practitioner and to discuss follow up treatments.  We also offer a convenient direct billing option that may be available to you based on your insurance plan and provider.

 Your chosen practitioner will assist you throughout the entire process and treatment, providing the most streamlined & complete experience!


Therapeutic Massage
Hot Stone Therapy Treatment at Refined Health & Wellness


Looking for more general clinic information? CLICK HERE

Massage Therapy is suitable for individuals of all ages, including children, infants, and the elderly. It is actually quite common for one massage therapist to treat many members of the same family, from the young to the wise.

The most common treatment duration booked by clients is the 60-minute therapeutic treatment. This treatment length provides ample time for your chosen practitioner to provide you with a full body treatment.

If you are interested in having a full body treatment, but with added work on a few extra areas of need, a treatment of 75-minutes or more would be most suitable for you.

Still unsure? Feel free to reach out to us and we can help you decide an appropriate duration based on what you are hoping to attain from the treatment.

A relaxation massage is the typical spa-type massage. It can also be called a Swedish massage, as this treatment uses Swedish techniques, such as kneading, with light to medium pressure. This is a massage that you treat yourself to.

Therapeutic massages use advanced techniques to help alleviate pain and address chronic health issues. This is a massage that is more clinical in nature. Clients come in to address a specific issue and may have frequent visits during the initial stages of treatment.

Standard massage treatments make up the primary focus of the training programs offered to massage therapists. Every massage therapist is provided training in these common modalities as they are foundational to a massage practice. They include relaxation, therapeutic, prenatal, and pediatric.

Specialized massage treatments are often associated to a specific and focused ideology that addresses a client’s health issues from a different perspective or in a more creative way. Practitioners who obtain experience in these extended modalities do so by taking additional training and courses. Specialized modalities can include unique tools such as silicone or glass cups, lava stones, or crystal sound bowls. They are also known to employ techniques that can be much more evasive or much less evasive than standard therapeutic treatments.

It is always a good idea to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your very first appointment. This will allow time for your practitioner to go over your health history and ensure that the treatment will be safe and effective.

*NOTE: For safety purposes, during treatments, the front office door will be locked.  If you arrive early for your treatment and the lights are on in the clinic, you can rest assured that your practitioner is present and helping another client.

Yes! Upon booking a treatment, the appropriate intake forms will be sent to you via email. By filling these out in advance, the initial process will be much more efficient. These forms can be filled out on any device that has access to internet and a browser.

Whenever treating soft tissue of the body, there is always a chance for slight discomfort in the days following your treatment. Especially if you’re working through areas that are tight, inflamed, injured, or in spasm, it is perfectly normal to experience some discomfort, but never severe pain. The discomfort experienced after a treatment is in no way harmful to your health and will faded quickly. The discomfort caused is usually the result of a deeper technique being used to address an area of need. Please rest assured that no evasive technique will ever be performed without your practitioner discussing it with you and getting your permission first.

We are well aware that everyone has a slightly different tolerance level for pain and discomfort, and your practitioner will want to determine yours right away. We strongly encourage clients to communicate openly with their chosen practitioner about the pressure or technique being used. You comfort is our number one priority, so do not hesitate to speak up.

Make sure to drink plenty of water, do some stretching, and if needed, have a hot epsom salt bath to help with the recovery process.

This is a very common question we get asked, and it is a very important one. The amount of clothing that you choose to remove is completely in your control, and no pressure or judgement will be made. Your level of comfort and privacy are of our utmost importance when experiencing your massage treatment. Only a safe and private environment will allow you relax and escape. Refined Practitioners are highly-trained in proper draping techniques, so whatever level of undress you choose, your privacy will be completely respected.

Make sure to communicate with your chosen practitioner, immediately, if you feel at all uncomfortable with regards to draping, the technique being used, etc. Adjustments will be made promptly.

Many of us are music enthusiasts and find certain artists relaxing and comforting.  Jazz, slow blues, and instrumental versions of popular songs are some of our most common requests, but if AC DC or Queen help you relax the most effectively, we are all for it!  You are more than welcome to enjoy the music selected by your practitioner or request something that you would prefer.

The frequency of your massages will depend on your course of treatment, health goals, and budget. While we have many clients who attend appointments monthly or even bi-weekly, to maintain their body and prevent conditions from developing, we also have many others who prefer to book an appointment only when they have a new and acute pain.

Massage Therapy will always be most beneficial when we can create a treatment plan with a series of treatments designed to fully relieve the problem, including follow-up, maintenance, and preventative treatments. After you experience your first treatment with us, your practitioner, who is a certified health care professional, will make recommendations to you with the goal of a complete recovery and future maintenance and prevention.

Once you experience your first massage, one will never be enough!

On a more serious note, the number of massage treatments required by clients can differ based on their wellness goals and budget. At your first appointment, your chosen practitioner will sit down with you and discuss an appropriate plan to address the health goals that you present to them. This is also where specific massage modalities and techniques would be suggested to you.


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