The Number of Minutes You Book Means More Than You Might Think

Massage treatment duration


The most common treatment duration booked by clients is the 60-minute therapeutic treatment.  

This treatment length provides ample time for your chosen practitioner to provide you with a full body treatment.

If you are interested in having a full body treatment, but with added work on a few extra areas of need, a treatment of 75-minutes or more would be most suitable for you.

Once your chosen practitioner becomes familiar with your health goals and the areas of your body that require additional attention, they may suggest one of our specialty treatment types.  These types may include myofascial cupping, RAPID Neurofascial Reset, Sound Healing, Hot Stone, or even Meridian and Acupressure Massage.

Your practitioner will use their experience and training to address the health goals that you present, and will create a customized treatment plan that will optimize the healing process and get you feeling amazing in no time!


30 Minutes

These are short and focused sessions that address specific areas of the body identified by the client.  The 30 minute treatment length is often suggested to clients who are just becoming introduced to massage therapy, younger children, or those who struggle to remain in a lying-down position for extended periods of time.

45 Minutes

Similar to the 30 minute treatment length, the 45 minute treatment is a short and focused session that addresses specific areas of the body identified by the client.  The additional 15 minutes allows for more extensive work to be done on the already specified areas or to have other areas of concern addressed.

60 Minutes

The 60 minute treatment length is the industry standard for massage therapy.  This treatment duration allows your chosen therapist to incorporate the entire body in the massage.  This time duration is by far the most commonly booked treatment length.

75 Minutes

The 75 minute treatment is a continuation of the 60 minute treatment.  In this treatment, the added 15 minutes allows your practitioner to do extra work on certain areas of tension or tightness, or to get treated to extra time with your feet, hands, head, scalp, or face.

90 minutes & 120 Minutes

Any massage treatment over the 90 minute mark allows for a very comprehensive and detailed massage experience.  It is the ultimate massage experience as it allows for a full body massage with ample time to provide extra focus on areas of need, and to get treated to extra time with your feet, hands, head, scalp, or face.

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